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A new Motorway Service Area
bringing local benefit to East Cheshire.

This is an ambitious proposal for a new motorway service area at Junctions 7 and 8 of the M56 in Cheshire.  It is a partnership between the Westmorland Family, owner of Tebay Services, Gloucester Services and Cairn Lodge Services, and landowners the Tatton Estate. 


Our intention is to champion our locality, creating a beacon of quality and individuality for our customers and bringing local benefits. Embracing the positive changes taking place in our industry, this project has sustainability at its heart.


6 things we'd like to tell you:

1. Tatton Services will create 325 jobs. We will train and support everyone who chooses to work with us.  2 out of 5 jobs will be for young people; they will all be paid the full (> 23) National Living Wage.

2. We want to help change the lives of at least 130 local producers.

3. Our Gloucester Services is the most visited tourist centre in the county. We would like to do the same for Cheshire.

4. We don’t know what the fuels of the future will be, but whatever they are, we will supply them for you.

5. Our business has had sustainability at its heart for 50 years, through our building and landscape, our food offer and our approach to community. 

6. We give £600,000 each year to local communities.

Watch our documentary on Channel 4

'A Lake District Farmshop'

This four-part documentary series is a warm-hearted celebration of Tebay Services, the motorway service station in Cumbria where the Westmorland Family business began. Filmed by Purple Productions for Channel 4, the series follows colleagues from the services and tells the stories of many of the Cumbrian farmers and producers they work with, all against the backdrop of the Lake District's beautiful landscapes.  



The initial consultation is now closed.

Comments and suggestions are still welcome.