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Tatton Services will be located at Junctions 7 and 8 of the M56.  It is an ideal location for the purposes of a motorway service area as it is entirely surrounded by road infrastructure that connects the M56 with the A556. It is a 16-hectare site and sits within Cheshire East administrative area with Trafford immediately to the north. 


We identified this particular site as the obvious site, having taken into consideration relevant planning and highways policy, existing and proposed developments and impact upon the Green Belt and local environment. 


As part of identifying and designing the site, we have taken, and continue to take into consideration, the surrounding environment and important factors. Such factors include landscape, heritage, ecology, flood risk and drainage, agriculture, and air quality. 


Where necessary, mitigation measures form an integral part of the scheme so as to ensure that the environment is suitably protected and any adverse impacts from the proposed development are minimised are far as possible.

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Motorway Service Areas are specific facilities to meet the 'safety and welfare needs' of all motorway users (from light to heavily vehicles).  These are required to be spaced at least every 28 miles on the Strategic Road Network to help facilitate the Government's recommended advice for motorists to take a15-minute break every two hours.  


In this location, considering each direction separately there are 20 gaps in specific motorway service area provision on the Strategic Road Network and the proposed Tatton Services will reduce these by more than half to 7 and also shorten the distances of the remaining gaps.  


Many motorway service areas exist in the Green Belt (including a number in the North West) or other sensitive landscape locations (like Gloucester Services)as based on the spacing requirement, these locations are where the 'safety need' exists, as well as other economic, social and environmental considerations, has in some cases justified granting planning permission in these areas.

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