Tatton Services will be located at Junctions 7 and 8 of the M56.  It is an ideal location for the purposes of a motorway service area as it is entirely surrounded by road infrastructure that connects the M56 with the A556. It is a 16-hectare site and sits within Cheshire East administrative area with Trafford immediately to the north. 


We identified this particular site as the obvious site, having taken into consideration relevant planning and highways policy, existing and proposed developments and impact upon the Green Belt and local environment. 


It is the role of Highways England to confirm whether there is a need for an additional motorway service area on the motorway network.  In the interests of road safety, their policy is that there should be a motorway service area at least every 28 miles. A 15-minute break every two hours is recommended.  In this proposed location, they have confirmed a number of gaps which would be filled by a motorway service area. There are currently 10 gaps* on the network at this location, which would be reduced to three if Tatton Services were to be built.    


Many motorway service areas are found to be in Green Belt or other sensitive landscape locations, but the safety need case has in some cases justified the planning permission in Green Belt.


Note on maps below: Highways England considers the new A556 and the A5103 to be strategic routes (connecting motorways).   

P17-1058_22 Rev B Gap Analysis for MSAs
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Gapmap New2
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Without Tatton Services (10 gaps) 

all gaps are in excess of 28 miles

With Tatton Services (3 gaps) 

*Not all gaps represent the shortest route using the Strategic Road Network (SRN). However, all routes are considered to be reasonable routes to take given that the difference in mileage between alternative routes is small and the SRN in the Greater Manchester area suffers from frequent congestion and poor journey time reliability.


The initial consultation is now closed.

Comments and suggestions are still welcome.