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Tatton Services is an 80/20 partnership between our business, the Westmorland Family, and Tatton Estate, which manages a portfolio of developments where the site is proposed.



We are a family business. We started with Tebay Services in 1972 when the M6 was built through our family’s hill farm.

We now employ over 1,000 colleagues and we work with over 400 food and craft producers locally and regionally.  Our family farm still supplies lamb and beef to our Cumbrian businesses.


Our motorway service areas are unique in their industry and reflect our beginnings.  We have no franchises, as you find in other British motorway service areas, but instead we have a Farmshop & Kitchen entirely curated and produced by us. In our Kitchens (or cafes) we make our food from scratch, as you would at home.  In our Farmshops we sell food and lifestyle ranges from exceptional craft producers, many of whom are local.


The driving force behind our business is to celebrate our place and everything it has to offer. In so doing, we strive to be a meaningful part of our community - socially, economically and environmentally.


Since we started our businesses in 1972, we have regularly worked in partnership to bring together the best knowledge and skills for each particular business. We believe that working with the Tatton Estate, which has knowledge of and long-term interest in the land and communities surrounding the site, will enable us to realise our ambitious vision for Tatton Services.


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The Tatton Estate is a family-owned, several-thousand-acre estate just south of Manchester. It comprises several hundred tenanted residential, commercial and farm properties alongside in-hand trading businesses.

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As a large long-term steward, Tatton seeks to maximise social, economic and environmental benefits. Its long-term, broad approach helps it conserve and enhance heritage and quality of place.


The Tatton Estate is increasing investment in its food and farming operations, increasingly delivering significant natural capital benefits and environmental enhancements and supporting added-value local food products and producers. The Estate values land not as a disposable asset but as something that is cared for, nurtured and kept thriving for future generations and communities.

Tatton Group (a trading name of Tatton Estate Management) and the Tatton Estate are, like Westmorland, family businesses with a long track record of stewardship. Tatton manage a portfolio of farming and other trading businesses developments in the area where the Site is proposed and benefit from a deep knowledge of, and long-term interest in, the land and communities of which this Site forms an important part including their emerging 20-year Estate Strategy.

Watch our documentary on Channel 4

'A Lake District Farmshop'

This four-part documentary series is a warm-hearted celebration of Tebay Services, the motorway service station in Cumbria where the Westmorland Family business began. Filmed by Purple Productions for Channel 4, the series follows colleagues from the services and tells the stories of many of the Cumbrian farmers and producers they work with, all against the backdrop of the Lake District's beautiful landscapes.

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